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The DEA form 222 is used to order C-II controlled substances. It is a three part form. Copy 1 is retained by the supplier, Copy 2 is sent to the local DEA office, and the purchaser records on Copy 3 the receiving of the order and keeps the form on hand.
Registrants ordering schedule I and II substances with the new DEA-222s would complete and retain a copy of the form and send the original to the supplier.  The supplier would record information related to filling the order on the original form and retain it.  Suppliers, such as pharmacies and practitioners, who are not required to report transactions to DEA’s Automation of Reports and Consolidated Orders System (“ARCOS”) would submit a copy of the original DEA-222 to the DEA Registration Section/DRR by mail or email.  The purchaser will record information related to the items received on its copy of the form.  Purchasers and suppliers would continue to preserve order forms for two years.
§1305.20 Transition provisions allowing continued use of existing stocks of triplicate DEA Forms 222.
Registrants may continue to use existing stocks of the triplicate DEA Form 222 until October 30, 2021. In any case, as soon as a registrant's supply of triplicate DEA Forms 222 is exhausted, the registrant must use the new single-sheet DEA Form 222.
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