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Pharmacy Technician Law - effective 18 months after October 25, 2019 signing

The new law increases the technician to pharmacist ratio from 2:1 to 4:1 across all practice settings. It also creates a new licensed profession called
Registered Pharmacy Technician who may ONLY practice in Article 28 facilities and pharmacies owned and operated by Article 28 facilities.

  • Pharmacists across all practice settings may supervise no more than four persons – four unlicensed persons or in an Article 28 facility no more than two Registered Pharmacy Technicians and two unlicensed persons.
  • As a licensed profession, Registered Pharmacy Technicians come under the general provisions of Education Law that includes oversight by the Office of Professional Discipline. Registered Pharmacy Technicians may ONLY practice in pharmacies owned by Article 28 facilities.
  • Registered Pharmacy Technicians may assist pharmacists with compounding activities under the direct personal supervision of a pharmacist. Compounding is defined as: “the combining, admixing, mixing, diluting, pooling, reconstituting, or otherwise altering of a drug or bulk drug substance to create a drug.” Direct personal supervision is defined in this law as: “supervision of procedures based on instructions given directly by a supervising licensed pharmacist who remains in the immediate area...and authorizes and evaluates the procedures and approves all work prior to dispensing.”

To qualify for a Registered Pharmacy Technician license, an applicant must:

File an application and pay a fee to the State Education Department (SED)
Be at least 18 years old with a high school diploma or equivalent
Be certified by a nationally accredited program acceptable to SED
Be of good moral character.

** The Governor's proposed 2020 Budget increases the ration to 6:1 and extends the practice of Registered Pharmacy Technicians to all pharmacies.

Upcoming Pharmacy Tech Classes

SUNY Orange - Middletown, NY - Fall 2020

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