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Signature Log
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SIgnatures are not always required on the back of prescriptions for controlled substance refills. One option is to print a copy of the daily log and controlled substance log for the day and manual sign it. Regulations can be found in Part 80 - Rules and Regulations On Controlled Substances and Rules of the Board of Regents ...

Controlled Substance Loss or Theft
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  • The registrant shall notify the Field Division Office of the Administration in his area, in writing, of the theft or significant loss of any controlled substances within one business day of discovery of such loss or theft.
  • The registrant shall also complete, and submit to the Field Division Office in his area, DEA ...
DEA Form 222
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The DEA form 222 is used to order C-II controlled substances. It is a three part form.

Copy 1 is retained by the supplier. (brown)

Copy 2 is sent to the local DEA office. (green)

Copy 3 the purchaser records the receiving of the order and keeps the form on hand. (blue)

Closed for Holiday
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Dates of operation during which no dispensing of a controlled substance occurred (e.g., store closed for a holiday, etc.) must nevertheless still be reported to NYSDOH within fourteen days.


Interns as Immunizers
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Wording in the bill includes the following

Must be conducted under the immediate personal supervision of a licensed pharmacist certified to administer vaccines Person receiving immunization must be informed that a pharmacy intern will be administering the vaccine Person receiving immunization must be given the option to receive ...

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